Video Portfolio: Concept

We are in an era of video apps and platforms. Everyone wants to be and is a content creator. We have people who want to be Youtube stars but can't seem to break the algorithm.

Imagine if there was an app strictly for video content that was easier to be discovered and then make you more hirable for gigs.

Brand Page

My role on this product was to design the brand page. This was essentially the profile for either the company or individual selling the product or service.

UX Research

I started off my research by doing some competitive analyst searches on Google. I discovered that the obvious one for this is Youtube. But youtube doesn't have the option to reach out to the creator to hire them. With this information I knew that was something that would be a game changer and solve a huge problem in the creator space.

The next was Vimeo. But really not many people use video for finding new talent.

I discovered through this search that the apps from the competitors weren't at all very visually pleasing. I went with an approach of displaying the thumbnail of the content with rounded edges and really focusing on the portfolio by making the app jet black.

Tools I used

Some tools used were:

Figma, Google, Dribbble, and Behance.