Mobile Commerce: UX/UI / UX Research

During my time of living in Miami Florida one of my favorite stores was Alchemist.

I'd love to build them an app using React Native and decided to design them one and see what comes of it.

Brand Page

My role on this product was to design the brand page. This was essentially the profile for either the company or individual selling the product or service.

UX Research

I knew I needed this app to feel elegant, exclusive, luxurious, and very clean.

I looked up some other retailers and brands apps and conducted a bit of research for how I wanted to approach this project.

What I discovered was using monochromatic (black and white) colors with a hint of warmer tones helps sell the brand as luxurious.

Tools I used

Some tools used were:

Figma, Figjam, Pen and Paper, Notion, The Google Play Store, Google, Dribbble, and Behance.