Mobile Commerce: Mid-UX/UI Designer

In 2019 I had the privilege to work with new startup to help make shopping easier.

We wanted to find a solution for not having to download dozens of apps to shop at your favorite stores.

We discovered that people wanted a project like Adapt through extensive research and user analysts.

Brand Page

My role on this product was to design the brand page. This was essentially the profile for either the company or individual selling the product or service.

UX Research

For this process I conducted a lot of research. I spent about 2-3 weeks on this process.

We looked into what our competitors where doing and how we can do it better.

We tried many many types of layouts and elements.

For instance with the profile photo, name, about, and connect button. This process took several days even a few weeks to find what made sense. I would design something and iterate on it by making very minor changes. We didn't know whether or not we wanted a hero banner or what type of connect we should allow to be posted in it. I feel like that part of the design easily took a month and some days to fully figure out.

We also created user personas by testing our designs on people in other departments of the office as well as students at the local university. For instance on where to place certain buttons.

Tools I used

Some tools used were:

Adobe XD, Lucid Charts, InVision, Trello, Asana, Google, Dribbble, and Behance.